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The risk of anabolic steroids
Anabolic steroids cause many different types of problems. Some of the common side effects are:
Acne, premature balding or hair loss, weight gain, mood swings, aggression, problems sleeping, high blood pressure, greater chance of injuring muscles and tendons, jaundice or yellowing of the skin; liver damage, stunted growth, increased risk of developing heart disease, blood clots, stroke, and some types of cancer

Specific risks for girls associated with anabolic steroids include: increased facial and body hair growth, development of masculine traits, such as deepening of the voice, and loss of feminine body, characteristics, such as shrinking of the breasts, enlargement of the clitoris, menstrual cycle changes

Specific risks for guys include: testicular shrinkage, pain when urinating, breast development, impotence (inability to get an erection), reduced sperm count and infertility

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Cissus quadrangularis alternative to anabolic steroids 100 capsules

Cissus quadrangularis alternative to anabolic steroids    100 capsules

Cissus quadrangularis (Pet Sung Kat)
alternative to anabolic steroids

100 capsules 250 mg

Cissus quadrangularis (Pet Sung Kat) benefits:
It is said to have antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, anthelmintic, antihemorrhoidal and analgesic activities. It has been found to contain a rich source of carotenoids, triterpenoids and ascorbic acid. Its bactericidal effects on Helicobacter pylori hold promise as a potential treatment of gastric ulcers in conjunction with NSAID therapy. Cissus quadrangularis is also used in bodybuilding supplements as an alternative to anabolic steroids.

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Green Tea Extract reduce the body weight 60 capsules

Green Tea Extract reduce the body weight    60 capsules

Green Tea Extract Camellia Sinensis
reduce the body weight

60 capsules 250mg

Studies have found that after consuming a green tea extract, subjects experienced a 17% increase in lipid oxidation and 4% total energy expenditure compared to those receiving a placebo. Simply put, green tea increased the amount of fat burn and total energy used. Findings such as these are supported by many others. 
The drinking of four cups of green tea was reported to reduce the body weight of healthy people by almost 1 kg and body fat by 2.4% in only 14 days.

Supports the body's natural ability in fighting free radicals. A rich source of anti-oxidants. Supports a healthy immune system

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